Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Support Makes A Difference
On Easter Sunday, I was Blessed with the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope at my co-sponsor's home group. It was a honorable experience to be the speaker at a meeting on the most celebrated holidays of the year. I was nervous as I felt I was on the spotlight. As second glance, it was an opportunity for me to allow God's light to shine through me.

As people entered the room, they were beautifully dressed as many of them had just left religious services. As I began to speak, my words began to flow, seeming steered by a supernatural force. Once I was done, I felt relieved and refreshed.

The comments portion of the meeting brought on a support that I never anticipated. All my worries about present things going in my life seemed to vanish in thin air. It amazed me that a gentleman with over 30yrs of sobriety commented that "I helped him." It startled me as I thought "how could I help someone who has been around such a long time?" Well, that's how AA works!

Support is one of the key foundations in recovery that allows to grow. No matter what problem you think you have, once you share it, the magic begins. I've often heard a cliche in the rooms that "a problem shared is one cut in half." I was surprised to see how many people attested they shared similar feelings and thoughts as I. The comments portion of the meeting endured longer than my speech. I felt overjoyed with support.

Once I came home, I felt a sense of peace and serenity that I'd never felt in a very long time. "Freedom from bondage," is another cliche I've heard int he rooms over the years, and I think I seemed like I finally tapped in to the realm of being "happy, joyus and free," that I've heard repeated over and over so many times, yet didn't understand how to obtain it.

Support is an intricate link in success of your sobriety. Without it, your chances are slim in staying sober. The fellowship in AA is like a link in a chain. Many people are joined hands, holding on to one another for dear life, so that no one is disconnected in any way. Lately, I hadn't been to my normal amount of meetings I usually attended, so I felt out of the loop. Now, I feel more connected than ever. I met new people, exchanged phone numbers and now have many to add to my list I can call on when I'm feeling irritable or discontent.

On the day celebrated as Christ's resurrection, I was reborn as well. I arose reassured that I don't have to fight any battle alone; sharing is caring....caring for myself enough to go to any length to get help, and enough to allow my testimony strengthen others. This was definitely an experience I'll cherish for a lifetime.